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Unlimited Internet Access is only $17.95 a month,  That includes e-mail, Technical Support, 5 megs of Personal Web space,   and the Software you need to get it setup.  No extra charges, No Hourly limits.

Off-Peak Internet Access has a base rate of $9.95 a month,  with that you get unlimited hours on the internet between the hours of 11pm and 7pm,  that's most of the day.  If you log in between the hours of 7pm and 11pm you are charged $2.00 per hour.

Limited Access Account

Introduction Accounts are perfect to try out the Internet,  for $5.00 a month you are provided with 10 hours to use at anytime that month.  Additional Hours are $2.00 each.

Additional E-mail accounts

Need extra e-mail for members of the family?  We can provide you with an e-mail address for everyone.  For just $3.00 a month for each one.

Web Hosting

Have a product or service to sell?  Wondering how to give your business an Internet presence?  The Quest can design and host your Web-Site and help you do business on the Internet for $25.00 a month with a $50.00 setup fee..

Domain Registration and Hosting

Interested in getting your own domain name for your business?   The Quest can host your domain for you for $25.00 a month with a one time setup fee of $50.00.