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  1.     Unlimited Internet Access is not a dedicated connection to the Internet.    Unlimited Internet Access is designed to provide end users with access to the Internet without having to worry about how long they are online.  Please use common sense with unlimited accounts and log off the system when you are not using it to allow others to login.  Use of programs to artificially create network traffic is prohibited and may result in termination of account

  2.     The Quest Internet Service will not be held responsible for long distance charges that are amassed by download of the incorrect access version of the software, i.e. Grand Forks customers downloading the Rochester access version.  Charges from the customers long distance provider will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

  3.     Personal Web Pages are for personal use only.  Sites may not contain any commercial content, i.e. may not attempt to profit from your page in anyway,  and sites may not contain any illegal content such as age restricted materials.  We want you to have fun with your web site.  The Quest will notify you by e-mail if content of your site doesn't meet our guidelines and the content will be removed.  The Quest does monitor the sites.  A volition of this policy may result in termination of account.

  4.     Refunds for service accounts are available for users who cannot finish the terms of their account with the following stipulations.   Fourteen days (14) of use is considered as one month of service.  Refunds for new customers who cannot use our software must be requested within five (5) working days of sign-up.   Refunds are based on the total time of use billed at the monthly rate.   Refunds are figured on your last payment minus the monthly rate for the time used.  For example:  You have a one year account and will be moving after seven (7) months.  Multiply $17.95 by 7 which equals $125.65. Subtract $125.65 from $180.00 and you refund would be $54.35.  There would be no refund for months 11 or 12.  Another example:  If the account is for one month multiply the number of days used up to 14 days by $.60.  Subtract that from $17.95.

  5.     The Quest Internet Service reserves all rights to terminate a user account, at any time.

  6.     Dial-up accounts can not be transferred, forwarded, or transmitted in any way for resale gain, without the expressed written consent of The Quest Internet Service.

  7.     Web Hosting customers may not rehost sites under the domain hosted by the Quest Internet Service with out the expressed written consent of The Quest Internet Service  (i.e. www.domainname.com\tomspizza.html)